Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Puppy Bean Roadtrip, part 3

I refrained from taking any pictures of puppy Bean when we arrived at Aimée's home the day before as I wanted to just take in what was happening (although I did take a video of Rachel meeting Bean in the backyard). This was the first picture I took of her while she was playing with a toy on Friday morning:

And then there was this one:

She was woolly from living in the cold climate of Iowa and Minnesota. We've become familiar with this look on her face in the second picture.

In the meantime, two of Aimée's Greyhounds kept their eye on us. Boo:


Later that morning Bean decided to "help" Aimée with collecting a garden hose:

I don't know...I don't call this "help"-ing in my book.

One thing we found out quickly is that she loves to chase after balls:

Despite having had two broken non-weight-bearing toes on two diagonally-opposite feet and a suspect right hind leg, she ran like it never posed a problem. I happen to like the middle picture of the three above -- the leap to pounce on the ball just shows me her joy at play.

After noon Aimée drove us to Minnehaha Falls. Pretty cool that the falls are in a city park:

Aimée pauses to give Boo a smooch:

After getting lunch at the Walker Art Center and walking around its sculpture garden we went back to Aimée's to relax before a little get-together dinner was planned to celebrate Bean's gotcha day. Rachel could not resist playing with Zorba (left) and Sid:

That night we got to meet some of Aimée's and Stuart's friends and met the president of GPA-MN, the adoption group we worked with to adopt Bean. We signed the adoption papers and she was officially ours!