Thursday, January 27, 2011

Greyhounds make you realize... need to practice how to pan:


I got a clear shot of the back three-quarters of this hound, despite the fact that I was shooting at three frames/second. <sarcastic> Awesome... </sarcastic>

This is the second of two photos I took of two black greyhounds running at the 2006 Solvang Streak held during the West Coast Greyhound Gathering (WCGG). This particular hound was in full stretch as it passed by me. The result was disappointing on the one hand, but pretty funny (to me, anyway) on the other.

There are very few opportunities (other than the WCGG) for me to see greyhounds running at speed so I don't get to practice panning much. Well, it's wait 'til next year and try again...

(Shot with my Nikon D200 set to aperture-priority, using a 70-200mm VR zoom at f/6.3 and 1/750th second, ISO 200.)


  1. i should add that at 3 frames per second (fps) i noticed that, given this short enclosed area, if you get a picture of one particular greyhound running posture you don't like you tend to get repeats of the same posture you don't like. therefore, if you can set your camera to shoot at 5fps or higher so much the better.

  2. Hi Steve,

    As an owner of two greys and a camera I'm looking forward to your blog. Good luck with it.


  3. Very true with the panning! Most of my shots of Bernie running in our backyard are cut off :-)

    We should make Greyhounds run slower - that'd solve the problem! LOL

  4. Hey Steve - great blog idea, BTW!

    I have many many (deleted) shots of GRASS! No part of a greyhound whatsoever!!
    I finally tried standing at the end of the run area, focusing the camera on a fencepost & waiting till the hound reached that spot! Got some pretty good ones that way - I only have my point n shoot and don't know how to do it otherwise... I put it on the highest speed too...

    Looking forward to all your topics & photos!