Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Asher (? - 2011) and Mr. Murphy (1999 - 2011)

I find that I'm writing another remembrance entry all too soon. This one is about Asher and Mr. Murphy.

I met Asher and his pack mates Taylor Rose and Quinn at GIG. To be more precise, we met in the parking lot of the outlet mall off of Highway 15 just outside of Gettysburg. I had their owners follow us over to the Irish Brigade monument (after having made several trips there we were good at finding it quickly) and parked across the road from it. I took several pictures of Asher near the monument.


As I had done in earlier sessions, we walked up a footpath that cut across a U-shaped bend in the road. At the end of the footpath, where it rejoined the road uphill from where we parked the cars, we took more pictures along one of the numerous wooden fences that can be found everywhere on the battlefield.


He was beginning to tire as it was a warm afternoon, so I snapped a few more while he laid down to rest.


After a while he got up and I took the opportunity to grab a few group pictures, which did not turn out as well as I had hoped. But then he laid down in the grass once more, so I took a few more of him.


I learned later that he had gone to the bridge a couple of months ago.

Mr. Murphy was introduced to me during my first trip to Dewey in October 2009. I met him and his companion Bailey when I visited their owners Mo and Sean's store at the Sea Esta III motel. Bailey was a shy fawn girl, and Bailey turned out to be this big, tall male. I knew Bailey was going to be uneasy while I took a picture of them, but I tried to be as nonthreatening as possible.

Mr. Murphy and Bailey 

He sat for me on Mo's command; Bailey hung behind him.
Mr. Murphy sits 

The next day (Sunday) we met again on the beach at sunrise. I snapped a couple of pictures of Mr. Murphy which, because of his popularity with many girl greyhounds, became known as his "come-hither" looks, and looking so good in his Long Dog Leather collar:

Mr. Murphy Mr. Murphy 

Last year we dog-sat Mr. Murphy and their new adoptee, Molly (Bailey had passed away several months after our '09 meeting), on a late Sunday afternoon. Mr. Murphy loved running up and down the beach with Bill (who I first met on this visit):
Bill and Mr. Murphy

and with Bill, and Aimee and Molly:

Bill and Mr. Murphy, Aimee and Molly

He spent some time with Donna after the running was over.

Donna and Mr. Murphy 

What a handsome, beautiful boy Mr. Murphy was. He passed away unexpectedly late last week.

Mr. Murphy 

You two will be missed by your family and friends.


  1. I'm sad to hear of both of them passing, and I know Bailey was very much loved by Mo and Sean! I always feel sad when I learn that another Greyhound has earned their wings.

    You really captured both of them beautifully!

  2. Wonderful photos. You have their families some wonderful memories. We have lost too many of our hounds recently.

  3. there is a picture, more special to me than anything i ever took of him, that was posted in mr. murphy's remembrance thread on greytalk. it showed him roached while bailey was resting alongside him, her head on his right armpit. he didn't mind it at all. that was the kind of relationship the two of them had.

  4. Lovely photos and what a lovely sit!!