Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alimony (2001 - 2013)

I only got one chance to meet her -- which was back in 2011 at Dewey. That one visit left me with some wonderful memories of the Mamadog of Sass.

Alimony came from Florida, and after her racing career she was a brood mama to a single litter. My good friend Aimee's husband was browsing photos on Greytalk when he came across this photo:

Photo copyright Jennifer Thomas
(I'm going to venture a guess that he turned into a puddle after seeing this because this is a pretty darn cool picture!)

They made arrangements to have Alimony transported from Florida to Tennessee, then picked her up and drove her further north to their home.

Having known Aimee a few years since I joined Greytalk, I've read the many stories she wrote about Ali. So when she said that she was bringing Alimony, Ali's daughter Flower (who might be the pup in the above picture), Dazzle (who I had met at Dewey when Aimee brought her in 2009), as well as her husband, I was pretty damned excited.

I tried to take a lot of Ali pictures. I doubt she had encountered someone so interested in  photographing her (besides Aimee), so if she was a bit curious (or a bit annoyed) about me I wasn't surprised by this look:

I will always remember her ears (remember, Greyhound ears always amuse me):

I think she just sassed me:

Late Sunday afternoon when we were relaxing on the beach and watching Flower hole-digging, Ali came over to inspect her daughter's progress:

I guess the hole-digging wasn't to Ali's liking ("You're doing it wrong!"), so:

Ali took over digging the hole:

I caught her with this look on her face late Saturday afternoon. I've always looked at this and wondered what she was thinking:

I also tried to get her silhouette during the sunrise:

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ali, along with Dazzle, Flower, and Aimee:

This photo of Aimee and Ali together is Aimee's favorite of all the photos I took of them:

The Mamadog of Sass left a lot of people with a lot of awfully good memories. I know I have some.


  1. Thank you, Steve. I love this so very much. <3

    (The pup in the first photo is not Flower, as Flower is the only one of the litter with a white blaze on her schnoot. That pup could be PJ's Kali, or Linda's Riley.)

    1. i agonized over what to write down for weeks. i suppose sharing the pictures i took of her during that dewey weekend would have to do. and thank you for the correction.

  2. Beautiful set of pics captured by Steve of your beloved grey. Wonderful memories to be sure.

  3. Replies
    1. thank you, and i'm sorry for the loss of your tom.

  4. What a wonderful series of shots. I think in that one picture, she was wondering how she got so lucky to have so many people who loved her.

    1. ali certainly was well-known and well-loved by many.

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that she's passed! There were so many stories about her and I know she was one beloved girl. Your photo tribute to her is beautiful!

    1. thanks, carrie. but one meeting with her for me just wasn't enough. it never really is for any greyhound i get to photograph, whether by session or by other means.