Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My photo donations to Solvang and Sandy Paws

Having donated two photos to the Dewey Beach "Greyhounds in Art" show last year (which raised funds for Ohio State University's Greyhound Health and Wellness Program) I'm going to donate more of my greyhound photos to more greyhound adoption group events. This year, I decided to donate three photos to the West Coast Greyhound Gathering in Solvang, CA, and to the Sandy Paws event in Jekyll Island, GA. (They are 8"x10" lustre-finish prints mounted in 11"x14" mats.)

I hope these will do well, and raise interest in my greyhound photography, too.

KatieSadie and KatieSadie


  1. These are all lovely! I think they would look great on 11x14 mats.

    You must have a terribly fast lens to capture that middle shot of the two Greys together :-)

  2. thanks, lauren. that shot of sadie and katie together (program mode, 1/80sec @ f/7.1, ISO 450) was taken right after sunset with my 18-200mm zoom with a little fill flash added. the girls were acting goofy (especially sadie) and i was hoping to catch sadie's excited face. i think i did okay.

  3. They are wonderful Steve and will do great in the auctions.

    Can you tell me why you choose lustre?
    I usually go for matte since I hate it when you see every piece of furniture reflected in the print when you hang it.

  4. i've used lustre finish because i want the color saturation of glossy but without the glare and i want the print to resist fingerprints. it doesn't eliminate unwanted reflections entirely but for me it's a good compromise between glossy and matte.

  5. thanks, rally. but so does lima. you two look like the move to SF just fine.