Thursday, March 17, 2011

Watching the girls run

The girls get very, very few opportunities to run within an enclosed area. So photographing them running as only greyhounds can is a rare thing.

One of those times was during the Blur of Fur run on Sunday morning, the last day of the Greyhound Gang's 2009 Kanab gathering. Claudia had an enclosed area set up at the Kanab Elementary School (a block over and across the street from the motel where we stayed). A local police officer clocked each entrant with his radar gun. I stood at the end of the run, set my camera to shutter-priority, 1/2000 sec, and added +0.7 exposure compensation because I was shooting into the morning sun. Each of our girls ran twice: first Sadie, then Katie. Sadie was faster than Katie: she ran at 31mph on her second run. Katie topped out at 25. The winner of the run was clocked at nearly 40. But for me, watching both girls getting the chance to run was the real highlight.


(Shot with the Nikon D300; shutter-priority; 18-200mm lens set at 170mm; 1/2000 sec @ f/5.6; ISO 1100; exposure compensation +0.7; normal JPG.)


  1. I get as much pleasure from watching my Greyhound, Beryl, run as she gets from running:) And I love seeing photos of other Greyhounds having fun running. These are great shots.

  2. Love how Sadie seems to fly.
    Both clearly loved the opportunity to run.