Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So near, and yet so far

This is Sadie back in 2006.

I was standing in the kitchen as some food was prepared. Sadie watched and waited, alert for any morsel that suffered the misfortune of falling to the floor. I watched her as her eyes repeatedly followed hands that reached for the food, and then to mouth. As her chances for getting anything grew less and less, she began to look more and more forlorn.

The look on her eyes:


(Shot with the Nikon D200 using the 18-200mm zoom set at 80mm; aperture-priority with aperture set to f/5.6; camera chose 1/25 second at ISO 400; fluorescent white balance; normal JPG.)


  1. I love greyhound eyes. They seem larger, clearer, brighter, and much more expressive than most others breeds.

    In fact, I think I would starve if I lived with one, as I just couldn't resist. Great shot! :)

  2. Oh, I love those eyes! Please tell me you gave her a bite, or I think I might start crying along with her.

    You are so good at catching their expressions! I was really tempted to ask you how I could better shoot my Wordless Wednesday shot from yesterday, but I chickened out! :P

  3. 5 years later I am still feeling sorry for her

  4. That looks like broccoli. Not sure even my two food-obsessed kids would eat that :)

  5. @BZ: sadie has the most expressive face of the four hounds we've adopted.

    @carrie: she eventually got a piece. there is no way we can see her looking like that and not hand her a piece.

    ask me about your wordless wednesday any time. it's certainly not a bother if you do. i might start participating in it if/when i have to nerve to do it.

    @petra: it's very hard telling her "no" at times when she looks like that.

    @gyeong: it is. sadie loves it, as well as a number of other green vegetables. none of our dogs ever cared for it.

  6. You don't have anything to worry about! Your pictures are all fabulous!

    Well, I wondered if there was any way to try to get that shot at night, but have it less grainy. I'm satisfied with how it turned out, but I wouldn't mind trying to fine tune it.

  7. what was the ISO when you took the picture? from the looks of it the ISO doesn't appear to have been very high (like 1000 or above).

  8. I don't know! I'm hopeless at learning these things. I was trying to fiddle with settings to keep the flash from going off because it was being persnickety about letting me turn it off. So, I was changing a lot of things while I took pictures to try to get it to look better. I didn't leave it in one spot.

  9. you must have some sort of picture-editing software (photoshop, photoshop elements, gimp, lightroom, iphoto). just open the picture with the editing software and look at its properties. you'll want to look for its exif data attribute "ISO speed rating" or something similar.

    or...if the card that has those firefly pictures hasn't been reformatted yet, just pop it into your camera, preview it and look there on the display for the ISO rating used.

    i always get irritated with nikon's automatically flipping up the built-in flash when i don't want it on its cheaper dslrs. we had to change a setting on both my wife's d50 and d7000.

  10. I have Photoshop Elements, so I'll look around and see if I can figure it out. Right now I don't see a place to view the properties. It's long since been reformatted!

    I'm annoyed with it, too. I wanted to use it part of the time, but I knew I also wanted to keep it off for a lot of the shots.

  11. i'll assume you're using version 8. if you open elements in its organizer mode, you'll find it in the properties panel. if you open elements in editor mode, you'll find it in the file info dialog.

  12. I have version 7, but I'll look to see if I can find it! :P

  13. I can just about see the tears welling in Sadie's eyes! I'm almost crying in sympathy. All that misery for broccoli, lol! She's a funny girl:)