Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sadie asleep on a late fall afternoon

Lately I have not been having much success in photographing Sadie and getting anything I liked. This afternoon however, as I walked into our bedroom to fold some laundry, she, Katie, and Tooey were asleep on our bed. It's not unusual for dog and cat to share like this. With sunlight spilling in through our wood shutters I noticed how it backlit Sadie's ear, and I liked the effect. So I left the room to get my camera and hoped that I would not get Sadie's attention. When I returned I took a few snaps.

I liked this one the best -- it happens to be the first frame I shot:


I was hoping I wouldn't overexpose too much the fur in front of her ear. I played around with different color and black-and-white presets in Lightroom just to see what I'd get, but I ultimately left it in color and just added a bit of fill to bring out the shadow details. A vignette was also added to make you look at her.

(Shot with the Nikon D300 using the 50mm lens; aperture-priority, with aperture set at f/4; camera chose shutter speed of 1/160 second; auto white balance; ISO 200; normal JPG.)