Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Casper, Freedom, and Nikki

Last year at Dewey I met Carrie of Tales and Tails fame while shopping at Beth and Pete Wade's place. Around that time another woman named Lori, who is Carrie's friend and writes a greyhound and art blog called What Remains Now, walked in with her husband and their three greyhounds, Casper, Freedom, and Nikki. We chatted briefly, then went on our separate ways.

This past August I got an e-mail from Lori asking to book a session at Dewey. Sure, I said. We agreed to meet on the street by our rental house. So on Saturday afternoon we met and walked over to the beach. There were clouds to shield us from the sun, but when there wasn't it got a little warm for everyone.

This is Casper:


His coloring is very much like our Katie's.

This is Freedom:


(Who doesn't love greyhound ears like this?)

And this is Nikki:


(Her leash was digitally removed.)

And I think I got a couple of decent family pictures:

Front: Casper, Freedom, NikkiBack: Lori, Henry

(I can't say I know what the hounds were looking at.)


Front: Casper, Freedom, NikkiBack: Henry, Lori

Wow...I hadn't noticed that both Casper and Freedom are sitting. (By the way...all this fencing behind them was blown down by Hurricane Sandy this past Monday.) Might make for a decent Christmas card, no?


  1. That Would make a great Christmas card. I love it when bloggers come together.

    1. it is interesting to meet other like-minded bloggers. it's all new to me because when i started this i only was interested in sharing pictures.

  2. I knew you'd get some great shots for Lori, and I bet she's really excited and happy about them! You got great captures of all of them, but I love the family portraits the best!

    1. my experience so far is that hardly anyone wants to be in the photos. so taking a family portrait is indeed rare.

  3. My babies!! It was so much fun having a session with you. Now I just have to sit down and make my selections! Thank you, Steve!

    P.S. It seemed like the fence was so far away from the ocean's edge. Just emphasizes the power of Sandy.

    1. if you hadn't had the chance, go to's facebook photos page. scroll through the photos until you see someone talk about the house at 2 collins avenue to stay strong. we took your pictures at the end of your session on the other side of the house in the storm picture. holy moley!

  4. Replies
    1. they were fun to photograph. casper was more open to me than he was last year when i first met him. i'm glad that clouds provided some shade, especially towards the end. it was a little warm for the pups and us.

  5. It's a wonderfully small world of greyhound bloggers and somehow everyone is connected! Love the photos and the hounds are, of course, beautiful!

    1. thanks. we could use more greyhound bloggers, yes?