Friday, March 4, 2011

Sadie and Katie on Solvang Saturday

Some examples of photos taken using the cheap Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF-D lens. I'm having fun with this lens; it makes photographing indoors much, much easier because it gathers so much more light than my zooms. It's sharp, contrasty, and has nice bokeh (to me, anyway).

What was also nice was that our hotel room had two large windows that let in lots of light, too.

Katie takes a nap from the morning's walk.SadieSadie

(The D300 was set on aperture-priority; lens set at f/2.8 for the first two pictures, f/2 for the third; matrix-metered; ISO 200; 1/40 second for the first two pictures, 1/100 second for the third; normal JPG.)


  1. Wonderful photos. I have heard great thing about the 5omm Nikkor.
    Your girls are beautiful as always.

  2. Sounds like a good buy - my Nikon zoom lenses suck in low light!

  3. as you may have noticed in my photo gallery of sadie and katie, many of their pictures are taken indoors. i finally decided to get a fast prime to keep the ISO from going through the roof when shooting in low light. i decided on the 50mm instead of the 35mm AF-S because on the d300 its field of view is like a short telephoto on a 35mm film or full-frame digital. and, i wanted to shoot more using a shallower depth of field than what my present zooms can offer. i do have to be more conscious of my breathing when using the 50mm, though, since it's not VR. and i have to get used to re-positioning myself because of its fixed length. but that's okay by me.