Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday at Gettysburg

I had a wonderful time at GIG. I spent the morning at Sachs Covered Bridge and the afternoon at the Irish Brigade monument near the Devil's Den and Little Round Top.

The Irish Wolfhound statue that's part of the monument

I got my taste of what it's like to do photo sessions with greyhounds other than one's own:
  • when and when not to keep things moving;
  • do the best you can to keep the pups from getting too stressed from being in a strange environment;
  • remember you're at the mercy of what the hounds will or won't do;
  • look for decent locations;
  • pay attention to lighting;
  • don't get in the way of other photographers who also want to use the same locations as you do;
  • don't get run over by people participating in a relay marathon from Gettysburg to Washington, DC;
  • watch for deer swimming across a creek and for snakes sunning themselves on the bank;
  • and go over oneself looking for ticks who don't understand that you're covered in tick repellent.
And having my friend Aimee as my assistant was, well...I can't thank her enough for volunteering and wanting to help me, as well as for driving me around the battlefield so I could do these sessions. And thanks to my friend Petra who suggested these locations to me.

After finishing Friday's photo sessions at Sachs Covered Bridge and the Irish Brigade monument my ABT friends and I relaxed in our hotel room. I took a few snaps:

Kali Aimee and Zuni
Aimee and Kali


  1. You didn't take a single bad picture there! I am so disappointed we didn't find you, but we will one day. Your pictures of the monument make me even more disappointed that we didn't know about it until it was too late!

    I really did not need to know about those snakes there, either!

  2. thank you, but i did take a lot that i hoped turned out better than they actually did.

    i'd like to meet you and your crew one day: if not at GIG, then perhaps at dewey. finding the monument was easy once we learned where not to turn the first time we tried. it's in a little grove of trees and easy to find places to photograph. but the whole gettysburg area is wonderful to photograph.