Saturday, April 23, 2011

One week to Gettysburg

I'm attending the 13th annual Greyhounds In Gettysburg (GIG) event in Gettysburg, PA next week. I hope to have a lot of fun photographing greyhounds on and off the battlefield.

April marks the beginning of the Civil War 150 years ago. There will be reenactments on Saturday in Gettysburg (part of the buildup of Civil War-related activities pertaining to the great battle there that took place in and around town from 1-3 July, 1863). I can only imagine the crowds that will show up two years from now to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle.

I visited GIG for the first time last year, so I took pictures of some of the numerous monuments there. On my last day there, a couple of friends and I walked along a hillside near Culp's Hill southeast of town. It was a foggy morning so everything was muted:


At the base of hill we turned and walked along Wainwright Avenue when we came upon a woman walking her young female brindle greyhound in the opposite direction. I had to take a quick snap before they went on their way:


I added a bit of fill-flash to take away some of the blueness from the overcast sky and used slow-sync to keep the background exposed properly. Too bad I couldn't get her complete profile against the grassy hillside.

(Shot with the Nikon D300 using the 18-200mm; first photo: 52mm; program mode chose 1/400 sec @ f/10; ISO 400; exposure compensation +1/3; auto white balance; matrix-metered; processed using Lightroom Ultimate Fighter preset; second photo: 170mm; program mode chose 1/160 sec @ f/7.1; ISO 400; exposure compensation +1/3; auto white balance; matrix-metered. Both pictures normal JPG.)


  1. The top photo is so 'moody', I love it. Beautiful photo of the brindle girl.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing your GIG photos:)

  2. You're going to GIG?! So are we! Well, phooey! Your pictures are going to be five million times better than mine, but I can't wait to see them! I hope we run into you!

  3. Have fun at GIG! I went last year and I love Gettysburg .... it is so lush and beautiiiiiful ... very different than soggy Canada this time of the year! :)

    ps.. post lots of pics when you get back :)

  4. @carrie: that's cool to hear you'll be there, too. i won't be in town much on friday because i'm doing photo sessions: i'll at the sachs covered bridge in the morning, and the irish brigade monument (it has the wolfhound statue) in the afternoon. then, i'm back at the bridge on saturday morning and at devil's den that afternoon.

    @Greyhounds CAN Sit & Cally: i might be able to post some pics while i'm there, but we'll see.

  5. Sounds like it will be a fun trip!

    What a handsome brindle hound in that photo! I look forward to more photos :-D