Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three weeks 'til Dewey

I'm always thumbing through pictures I've taken. And with three weeks to go before I leave for Greyhounds Reach the Beach at Dewey Beach, DE, I was browsing through some pictures I took there last year.

One type of picture I tried getting (and not getting) was the greyhound dogprint-in-the-sand picture, so that is one thing I'll be looking for. And I'm curious to see what I'll find on the beach when I get there. Last year on Friday morning I walked along the beach and saw lots of horseshoe crab remains:

Lots of horseshoe crab remains...
More horseshoe crab remains...

Then there were always shorebirds to look at:

A shorebird I can't identify 

And it's fun to see what sort of shapes seawater takes as it finds paths over and around the sand:


I tried to frame this last picture in an interesting way but I didn't get what I had imagined. And I was careful not to stare at the sun while looking through the viewfinder. I used fill-flash to lighten the shadows a bit.

Every picture here was taken during the first hour after sunrise. The light angle is low; the shadows are less harsh. The play between light and shadow is just more interesting as opposed to mid-day. I suppose I'd see similar things on the opposite, bay side of Dewey Beach if I was to go there during the late afternoon. I hope to do that during this visit.

But then, the ocean is not on that side.

(Shot with the Nikon D300 using the 10-24mm and the 18-200mm zooms; program mode; auto white balance; normal JPG.)


  1. I have to say, the pictures I got last year at Dewey are some of the best I think I've ever taken, and that was before I had the SLR. The weather was fabulous! I even got my footprints in the sand shot. :P It helps if you take your own footprint maker! I'll be happy to lend you mine if you need some. Of course, she doesn't work for free, she'll expect treats of some kind. lol I sure hope we find you there!

  2. i was so glad that clouds started moving in on sunday evening last year. i was hoping they'd stick around the following morning. they did, and it made for a much more interesting sky when i got up before sunrise to photograph my friends with their hounds walking the beach.

    i'll send you a map of where i'm photographing. it's just a few blocks south of where you're staying.

  3. Looking forward to seeing this years photos:) I wonder what eats the crabs, some seabird?

  4. Alright! I'll be hoping you're in walking distance, although all of Dewey pretty much is. I loved that last sunset when we were there last year!