Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seventeen... the number of newly-retired greyhounds that I met and photographed last Saturday.

When I arrived the first few were already being bathed; I passed by those and walked down to the corral where the remainder were being examined before it was their turn for baths.

What a great looking group of hounds:

Shorty 20110903_0022  Kiley Bret  20110903_0013-1 20110903_0016

I photographed one of the hounds ("Alexis") getting her ears cleaned:


And then I walked over to where hounds were being shampooed and rinsed:

20110903_0050 20110903_0053 20110903_0054

I watched as many hands fussed over every hound:

More pictures in the next post...


  1. What wonderful pictures. I wish all of these sweeties a happy retirement and much love.

  2. What a gorgeous group of hounds! I could easily be smitten with Alexis -- she has fantastic eyes!

  3. in the next post i'll have pictures of a red male named "rockstar". he is one stunning pup.

  4. What lovely greys! So nice to see them being pampered and prepared for their new lives!