Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Katie sees things a bit differently

Katie and Sadie

Maybe I should've closed down the aperture a bit more to bring Katie more in focus.

(Shot with the Nikon D300 using the 50mm f/1.8 lens; aperture-priority with aperture set to f/2; camera chose 1/500 second at ISO 200; auto white balance; matrix-metered; -0.7 exposure compensation; normal RAW.)


  1. Oh, Katie looks like she's really sizing up the situation and Sadie is just going to go with the flow:)

  2. I'm grinning! Katie's expression is hilarious! It seems so obvious who the comedian in your family is! Sadie always looks so glamorous. She reminds me of a starlet!

  3. What sweet faces. I think f/2 is the sweet spot with my 50mm. Did you post-process to B/W?

  4. @Greyhounds CAN Sit: katie is more likely to do the curious head-tilt than sadie is.

    @carrie: actually, sadie is the more comedic of the two. she has her "mad minute" of leap-frogging her dog beds or doing zoomies in the living room; she stalks you if you look at her funny. katie will tend to lay back until she sees that sadie is okay with whatever is going on. at that point katie will run up and shove sadie aside so she gets the attention. neither of them has assumed the alpha female role after nikki died.

    @gyeong: i processed this using the lightroom aged photo preset. then i dodged around sadie's left ear and their eyes. i like to try out different presets just to see what i'll get.

  5. They sound like our first pair, they were both so omega it wasn't funny! Neither cared about leadership or who had it or didn't!

  6. You are definitely getting a suspicious stare there! Wow, f/2. I'm surprised you get as much in focus as you do. My lens wide open is f/3.5, and even at that I can't get both eyes and nose in focus at the same time unless it's a sideways shot!

    I have two Omega's as well, and it's a good thing. :)

    I had a true leader before, benevolent and wise, but he had to believe you were worth listening to if you expected him to listen, otherwise he was Ferdinand the Bull, content to sit peacefully in his pasture and do his own thing.

    While he loved ALL people and ALL things (Obsessive Compulsive Friendliness Disorder, that one) he would only really listen to... hmmm.... me. Everyone else he blew off with a friendly smile and a happy wag. :)

  7. having those long faces and shooting wide open as i tend to do with this lens makes for a really shallow depth of field. i just focus on the eyes; i'll preview it and adjust accordingly if there's time. sometimes i'll even check the depth-of-field scale on the lens. but most of the time i'll guess what aperture might be appropriate.