Saturday, February 4, 2012

Katie #48

When I went out in our backyard a couple of days ago with Sadie and Katie I was hoping to get a decent picture of either of them. I tried to concentrate on Sadie since I had not taken anything that I liked lately, but again it did not work out. So I started trying to get Katie's attention but she would not look at me in a way that I liked. But Gayle, who was inside and noticed what I was attempting to do, started tapping on the big sliding glass window that Katie and I were standing next to. Katie turned to look at Gayle, so I took a few shots.


Yes, it's preferable to be at eye-level with your dog when you take its picture, but I thought if I did that on this occasion the resulting background would have been too distracting. Instead, I aimed down towards Katie, using a somewhat large aperture (f/2.8) to blur the stones behind her. After I imported it into Lightroom, I adjusted the color temperature up to get rid of the bluish cast you get in open shade, and used the Iris Enhance adjustment brush preset to lighten up Katie's eyes.

By the way, this is the 48th picture I've taken of Katie this year.

(Shot with the Nikon D300 using the 50mm lens; aperture-priority, with aperture set to f/2.8; camera chose shutter speed of 1/200 at ISO 400; auto white balance; normal JPG.)


  1. I could (and often do) take 48 photos of Beryl in one day and not get anything as lovely as this one of Katie, sigh:(

  2. I agree with Greyhounds CAN Sit! I take tons of pictures of our two every time and usually only get a few that I really like. I recently read that one of the differences between an amateur and a professional is amateurs show everything they take and professionals only show the best of the best. I'm certainly no professional, but I'm going to try to adopt this philosophy more often, though you wouldn't know by my most recent post :) Katie is beautiful as always!

  3. Yes, I often take a ton of photos in one day with only one or two to show for it. But that is the JOY of digital photography!
    I give mad respect to the photographers in film days. Great photo! I like the angle..

  4. Katie is beautiful! I agree with Greyhounds CAN Sit too, I could take 100 photos in one day and still not come away with the one I was trying to get. Since I started blogging, at least I think about it a little more. like what is in the background, rather than get clicking away.

  5. i, too, am lucky if i get one decent shot out of 50 or 100. i could toss all the bad ones but i keep them so i can see what i'm doing wrong.

  6. I love that shot of her! I think it's the softness of it that attracts me to it. There's an Iris Enhancement brush? I am never going to figure that thing out! Good heaven!