Friday, May 4, 2012

Wiki (2001 - 2012)

I never met Wiki, who was adopted by my friend PJ in Baltimore several months ago. I would've like to, but before I could see him at GIG he passed in his sleep a few weeks ago. Instead of paraphrasing PJ's words, I'll quote what he posted:

My boy Wiki passed early yesterday morning. He was outwardly very healthy until the end, save a brief episode of panting on Sunday night before returning to normal the rest of the week. Adopting him after his 10th birthday I was aware I was taking on a big bundle of future heartache. But he was very special and glad to have known him for the past 11 months. 
My connection with the boy formerly known as Gatwick began over 5 years ago when he on my list of potential matches as a first-time adopter. I never met him back then, but when he showed up as a return 4 years later I felt more than the normal compulsion to help him. It was only about 6 weeks after adopting Kali, but I told myself I was giving him a place to land and maybe someone would be able to take him on down the line. I had no long-term plans for him as I am single with 2 greys already and no proper yard. 
Wiki seemed to think differently as on the day he arrived as he situated himself on the bed and had a look of contentment about him. I like to think he knew had arrived at something good. He really cared for the girls, and might have viewed himself as their ‘protector’ a little bit. He would summon a strong bark at the dogs we passed inside fences in my neighborhood. He loved toys and would usually greet me when I got home with one in mouth. He was nutty at times, attacking the blanket before he laid down on it. And he would groan with happiness when I gave him a good ear rub. 
I spent 6 months trying to find him a home. All the while I was telling myself I could not handle a third grey. But after 6 months with him it was pretty obvious that I had three hounds and it was not a big deal (mostly because he was such an easy dog and easy-going too). A few short weeks after his 10th birthday I did away with the formality and made him mine. 
He might have given me a final present having a rather normal week before passing in the night. I didn’t even wake so I’d like to think he passed quietly and painlessly for his sake. And that he's now happy in doggie heaven/squirrel hell.

Our little group of greyhound friends got together thus: Beth suggested pint glasses, Aimee designed a logo to be etched onto the glasses, as well as placed the order, and Jen bought a varied assortment of beer. Everything arrived in time for GIG. On Saturday night we presented it to PJ, and then raised a toast in Wiki's memory. "He was perfect," PJ said.

I hoped to get a picture of a pint glass filled with stout while I was there but I guess it'll wait until Dewey.

This is Aimee's design that was etched onto each of eight pint glasses:

Wiki logo. © Aimee Finley. Used with permission.
Image copyright Aimee Finley.
Used with permission.

Rest well, Wiki. Know that you are loved and missed, even by those who never met you. And yes, you were perfect.


  1. Adopting a senior is a special thing. We only had Beth for a year, making it just shy of her 14th birthday. Wiki sounds like one of those goofy happy-go-lucky boys. I bet PJ was very touched pint glasses. What a great idea.

    1. i admire those who have a special place in their hearts for seniors. as you can attest, they know going in that their time together may not be long. but it does not matter.

  2. Those senior dogs really do find a special place in your heart! I thought Lilac was only going to be with us for a few short years, and she surprised me greatly by spending more than half her life with us. You never know what you'll get when you adopt a senior dog, but there's just a sweetness about them that doesn't come with the youngsters! My condolences to Wiki's family, because they leave big holes in your heart when they depart.