Monday, May 20, 2013


Early Friday morning at GIG I met Harry and his owner, Nancy. Remember Harry (he's the greyhound with the Roman nose) and the session I did with him at Dewey? They drove all the way from Massachusetts to meet me at Sachs Covered Bridge for another session while attending GIG (I'm lucky that I have repeat customers -- I will not take that for granted).

The mid-morning light was not too harsh when we started photographing, but once the sun rose above the tree line the shadows got really hard. The light also didn't make Harry's coat too shiny or make too many hotspots (always a problem with black greyhounds).

He walked onto a stony stretch alongside Marsh Creek, and then stopped to watch something on the opposite bank. I took a picture as he stood and watched:

(I digitally removed his leash from the picture.)

Harry is one of those Greyhounds with a Roman nose, as well as having a lower right canine that protrudes. It's pretty hard to not love a face like his:

After taking a few pictures of him in the creek we had Harry step atop a bank while I knelt down on the stony stretch so I could look up at him for a different perspective:

I was trying to find shady spots to photograph him in but they were few and far between. At least here, even though he's in the sunlight, he doesn't come off being too shiny.

Towards the end of his session we returned to the grassy field next to the bridge's "parking lot" and took a few snaps there:

(I removed the leash digitally here, too.)

Harry was easy to work with -- as he was when I first met him at Dewey two years ago.

(Shot with the Nikon D600 with the 105mm lens (first, third, and fourth picture), and the Nikon D300 with the 10-24mm zoom (second picture); auto white balance; aperture-priority mode; shot in RAW and converted to JPG using Lightroom.)


  1. LOVE these pictures of Harry. What a marvelous face he has. So unique and handsome. I love all the photos, but my particular favorites are #2 & #3.

    1. it was a little hard trying to coax him to get more than several steps away from nancy, but it all worked out. i was pleased with some of what i took, and i think (and hope) that nancy was, too.

  2. I took some pictures in those yellow flowers of Bunny and Blueberry the first year we were there, too, and I love how they look! You did a fantastic job with Harry and I am sure his people adore those photos!

    1. the yellow flowers were not as thick in that field this year as opposed to last year. i tried to do the best i could given the circumstances. i was hoping there would be more of those flowers growing along the creek downstream from the bridge. there weren't any of those, but there were a lot of these low-lying blue flowers.

    2. I think it still really worked out! :)

    3. yeah, i think it did, too. i'd rather be photographing outdoors there.

  3. Replies
    1. his owner is going to try and bring his housemate, grace, to dewey later this year. i have not met her because circumstances have yet to permit her to go. but i hope this will be the year.