Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nikki and the flower

My friends who had owned Turbo (the subject of my last post) are going to take a look at a brindle boy named "Teddy" and may end up adopting him. When I saw a couple of pictures of him posted on Greytalk yesterday I immediately noticed the white stripe running down the middle of his face. This reminded me of a picture I took of Nikki, who also had a white stripe when she was young.


This is a scan of a print from a roll of color negative film -- probably Kodacolor.

The occasion for taking this picture was a little photoshoot I was asked to do for a story that appeared in Celebrating Greyhounds magazine over 10 years ago about the many types of collars available for sighthounds. While we waited to get the collars together we had Nikki in an exercise pen that sat in the shade next to a friend's house. As she was standing next to a flower I thought I'd position myself so that it would be next to her collar as they were a little similar in color.

I'm positive I just used 1/60 sec as the shutter speed since I used a film camera (I'm not sure if it was a Nikon N70 or a Canon AE-1 Program) and knew nothing about fill-flash. The more I've looked at it the more mistakes I think I made here (could've removed the ex-pen, a background that's too bright and distracting, the light is too harsh...I'm sure there are others).

But I will say what redeems this picture to me: Nikki's youthful face without a hint of age, her alert expression, and her bright eyes. Funny, and a bit sad, that I don't really remember her looking this way. I just remember all the white on her face as she matured. But, either way, she was a gorgeous greyhound.


  1. Nikki really was beautiful! I remember Treat having a little white just under her nose, but the years erased it and turned her muzzle mostly white.

  2. carrie, i can say the same thing for sadie as i did with nikki: we have pictures of sadie when we adopted her back in 2003 and her face was solid black. and it doesn't look like the same dog that looks at us now with an all-white face.

  3. Nikki was beautiful and you captured her so well in that photo. I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong with it if you hadn't pointed them out. I just look at the lovely regal expression on her face and gorgeous eyes.

  4. she does have a regal look to her but she wasn't above rolling on her back and rubbing it on grass like a horse. i have one picture of her doing that and the expression on her face...well, she looks like a dork. :P