Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retirement day

I'm going to our greyhound adoption group's next retirement day this Saturday and photograph the hounds arriving from the Caliente racetrack, examined by group volunteers before leaving for their foster homes. I hope to get some decent pictures.

I photographed a retirement day in June 2010. Here are some pictures taken during that day:

Bowden (AKA Bella Bowden)

Getting rinsed

Queen (AKA Queen) gets thoroughly bathed

Queen (AKA Queen)

Elegant (AKA Crystal Elegant)

Elegant (AKA Crystal Elegant)

A greyhound kiss is a reward worth getting


  1. Oooooh! That poor face looking out over the faucet and edge of the sink should be on an adoption poster! Who can resist that face?

    Don't you wish you could have before and after shots of those days? A few months later after they're roaching on somebody's couch must make that bath day worthwhile!

  2. that hound's name was "queen".

    i'd be so interested in seeing any puppy pics of the four hounds that we've adopted so far. well nigh impossible, i know, but still...

  3. Such lovely 'before' photos. Yes, it would be wonderful to see the 'after' ones and have some follow up too. We're lucky in New Zealand as we have a blog that does have 'after' stories and photos:) I do love the last photo especially. They just want someone to love!

  4. Steve, it's not entirely impossible. I have puppy pictures of Bunny from her breeder. I've shared them with the families of all the dogs I've met online from her litter and her mother. There are some who take and keep puppy pictures!