Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bee Wiseman and Steak

In the past couple of days I have been saddened by the news of the passing of two greyhounds that I know: Bee Wiseman and Steak. Neither of them I knew for long; both I had only met little more than once. I am fortunate that I "met" both of them through a greyhound forum that their owners and I all belong to. And I had the good fortune to photograph both when our paths crossed.

Bee Wiseman was a twice-returned bounce with pannus and separation anxiety when she was finally adopted by her owners Trish and Burke. Within a few weeks after she went home they found out that she was Daddy's girl. I've read where she was so happy when he returned from work; rolling onto her back to have him rub her belly; groaning when her ears were rubbed. Burke took her every day to the auto repair shop where he worked so she could greet his customers when the disease that ultimately took her made breaking a leg a real possibility.

Trish sometimes asked me for photo advice when she photographed Bee and their other greyhound, Murray. She really didn't need to ask. Her pictures of Bee and Murray are far, far better at capturing their personalities than anything I could have done. But that is as it should be.

You can read her remembrance story here.

Bee Wiseman 

I met Steaky at Dewey Beach last year. He was a snuggler: it was the thing that he and Beth would often do together on their couch. She often posted pictures of the two of them doing exactly that. He was goofy and happy. While he was at Dewey he was taken for many runs up and down the beach along the water's edge. I love the expression on his face here:

Kaitlyn and Steak 

It was a couple of months ago after Dewey that he began having seizures. It took many months and much patience to find a combination of drugs to get them under control. At times Beth mentioned about how hard it was to see Steak endure all this as they diligently worked on his condition. He just wasn't the same goofy dog he was before the seizures began. But finally, a drug protocol was put together that worked for him, and the dog she knew was back. For seven weeks he was seizure-free -- until this morning.

Beth and Steak 

The greyhound community is a small one as dog breed communities go, and the loss of these exceptional hounds diminishes all of us who have come to know and love them even though they not be our own. Would that they could stay with us forever.

Hug your hounds.




  2. What can you say at times like this? The world is a better place for having these 2 wonderful hounds in it and poorer for losing them. But I hope their owners can open their hearts to taking in another Greyhound and giving it a loving home. I'm sure that's what Bee Wiseman and Steak would want.

  3. I read about the passing of these beauties on Greytalk. Two more lives cut short.

  4. I read about Bee Wiseman and cried. I hadn't realized when we met them on the beach that she had osteo.

    I haven't been on Greytalk today, so I hadn't read about Steak yet. *sigh* I have a tough time going to the remembrance section over there.

  5. So sad and sorry for the families. What beautiful hounds and your tribute, Steve, is so lovely. Run with the angels, Bee Wiseman and Steak.

  6. Thank you Steve. Steak was my buddy. He followed me everywhere and I was sad to ever have to leave him. This is such a beautiful tribute to two very special dogs. I had just met Bee this year, just last week in fact. Never knowing that we would cross paths in such a sad way again :-(. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

  7. While I never got the chance to meet Steak and Bee live, I did come to know them through the interwebz and feel the losses from our community.

    I really like how you have immortalized these two and will remember them as such!

  8. It was so heartbreaking to learn about them crossing to the bridge...They were loved by many, even though we only knew them from the interwebz.
    Run free sweet pups...

  9. So sorry for their loss. :( This was a lovely tribute.