Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dewey Beach Friday morning


On Friday morning, at the first sunrise I saw at Dewey Beach, I was surprised to see how empty the beach was of people and greyhounds. There were no greyhounds near where I stood while watching the sunrise. So I walked down near the water's edge, searching for something to catch my eye. I found a shell on the beach and took several pictures of it.

I removed several dust specks, cropped and made the horizon level, added a graduated filter to darken the sky from the top of the picture to just below the horizon, added a bit more exposure to the shell, and added a bit of sharpening.

I was disappointed that there were no clouds in the sky to make it more interesting. But that's another story...

(Shot with the Nikon D300 using the 10-24mm zoom set at 10mm; aperture-priority mode with aperture set at f/8; camera chose 1/60 second; ISO 800; normal JPG.)


  1. Stunning!

    Oh, BTW, Bunny sent us over!

  2. oh, cool! i got to meet carrie and bunny finally and spent some time chatting. i took some pics of bunny that i hope carrie will like.

  3. I think it's a great shot with the shell being the main point of interest:)

    Bunny never takes a bad photo so I hope you show us some you took of her!

  4. @sue: i took a couple thousand pictures during my five days at dewey beach. it's going to be awhile...

  5. I bet a some people were just getting there, and the one's already there probably had a late night :) Getting the horizon straight is not my specialty, I'm usually correcting by 1 degree.

  6. ooooh, your pics are so spotless........time for a camera cleaning for me.
    Can't wait to see the other 2499!
    loveyouman, Laze

  7. I knew your pictures were going to make mine look bad! :) Monday morning we made it to the beach at sunrise, and I was surprised that it was so empty, too. There were a few other people there with some retrievers, but it was mostly empty. I learned that I suffer greatly from "can't hold the camera straight"! I'm pretty sure I noticed it more with the Dewey shots because there are such definite and stunning horizons.

    It was so great to meet you finally, and I'm in the club of people waiting for you to go through all those thousands of pictures! I am pretty sure that I will like all of your pictures, whether Bunny is in them or not! I just regret that we missed seeing you on the beach.

  8. @gyeong: i'm not in the habit of leveling a horizon. lately i've deliberately photographed off-veritcal to get a different look. and if i hold the camera low off the ground while walking with a greyhound, well, i'm not going to get a level picture anyway. so long as it's all fun for me.

    @laze: love you back, man! i'm sorry i only got to see at monday's sunrise. there are at least two dust specks that appear in varying degrees in every picture. it's annoying me to no end. at least i can batch-process them out but i still have to go through all the pictures.

    @carrie: i'll be posting a few pictures here as well as on GT. i'll let you know when i get bunny's pictures in a gallery.